Cure: three imaginary boys

A statement on the official Cure-website:
“The decade old line-up of The Cure has changed – Perry Bamonte and Roger O’Donnell are no longer in the band. The forthcoming summer shows will be performed by Robert Smith, Simon Gallup and Jason Cooper… and others???”
O’Donnell, who is working on a solo album: “It was sad to find out after nearly 20 years the way I did but then I should have expected no less or more.” Some say the band will continue as a trio, others rumours are circulating that Banshee Steve Severin will take part in the upcoming shows.
For this summer six live dates have been announced so far. The Cure will amongst others play at the Lokerse Feesten in Belgium, together with other fossils/dinosaurs like The Stooges, Patti Smith and the Sisters of Mercy.