Now and then the document pops up: the ‘manual’ How to be a Cult Industrial Project. It’s lengthy and amusing, by an anonymous author. I think I first saw it on a mailinglist a few years ago. Do you recognize some ‘famous’ projects in it?


  1. This document is funny, but also check out the rest of the site. The noise directory currently features almost a thousand links — 552 noise artist links, 332 noise label links and 97 to miscellaneous related links.

  2. You\’re absolute right alphamanbeast, your noise directory is a valuable resource!

  3. Thank you. :)

    I got really irritated when I couldn’t find anything like it online, so I decided to make it. (It actually just developed from my bookmarks/favourites). I never anticipated it becoming this large though. I thought it would end up being a couple of hundred links at the most.

    Btw, all contributions to it are valued and appreciated.