DM breaks the silence

DM Depeche Mode was never very popular in The Netherlands. Their upcoming world tour will at last bring them to Rotterdam on 26 March 2006, which is their first Dutch concert in 13 (!) years. I was never much of a DM fan in their heydays, but in recent years I’ve started to appreciate them more and more. So I’ve just bought a ticket and I’m looking forward to hearing classics as ‘Blasphemous Rumours’, ‘Stripped’, ‘Enjoy the silence’, ‘Personal Jesus’ or ‘I feel you’ live. New material will be played too, because Depeche Mode is working on a new (their 11th) studio album, which is announced for this fall (after not so succesful solo efforts of Dave Gahan and Martin L. Gore). Though it still takes more than half a year, to get in the mood I’ve already been watching the excellent concert film “101” (on 2dvd), which shows that electronic music does not need to be boring on stage.