Douglas and John

DIJ logo Saw Death in June in Antwerp last Friday. It was a seated theatre concert, with a more tranquil sound than the last time I saw them. Douglas P. on guitar and vocals was only accompanied by the brilliant John Murphy, who mainly used a wide variety of handheld percussion. Only at the end he played some more fierceful drums, with encore ‘Heaven street’ as the most energetic piece. Douglas was in a very talkative mood, telling many anecdotes about what inspired the songs. He also asked for requests a couple of times. They played sort of a greatest hits set, with DIJ-songs from all periods, from ‘She Said Destroy’ to ‘All pigs must die’. The songs were played surprisingly fast, I had the feeling most of them lasted not more than two minutes. Personally I found the show less overwhelming than the previous time (Waregem, 2002) and less varied through the minimal line-up. Still, they remain fine musicians and it was nice to hear all the classics once again.