Download suggestions #1

If you have space left on your iPod, then here are some (free!) download suggestions for you. Courtesy of Mothers Against Noise, Decisive Sound, Abyssa, Andrew Lagowski and 4MG Records.

  1. Mothers Against Noise offers the first part of a series of noise/industrial/idm/breakcore compilations. Mothers Against Noise vol.1 consists of 23 tracks by an international selection of artists, including Synapscape, Crno Klank and Institution D.O.L..
  2. The Abyssa netlabel, specialized in ambient, electronica, dark, electro, indus, illbient, compiled for its first birthday an online sampler La Brocante MP3. You can download almost 30 tracks. Lambwool, Planetaldol, Giscard le Survivant, L’Arme a Gauche are just some of the names involved.
  3. Out now on the Decisive Sound netlabel is the latest release from Mrcien entitled “Overview Of Autism.” He works with repeated loops and sound environments that reflect non-goal directed behavior, anger and dysfunctional living.
  4. Andrew Lagowski offers some mp3 files and pictures of his Legion gig in Germany from June 2005 over at At you can find download links for most of his past albums and the new Lagowski album ‘Temporary Distractions’.
  5. There is a new net release at 4mg Rivercide by The Only Michael, a project by Michael Harding (ex-1000 Mexicans)