Download suggestions #2

beatboy.jpg If you have space left on your portable music device, then here are some (free!) download suggestions for you. Courtesy of Polygon, Mirakelmusik, Bourbonese Qualk, Big City Orchestra and Cock Rock Disco.

  1. Already online for a while, but not noticed earlier by me: a download release by Polygon called Infinity, with 6 earlier tracks + artwork. On their website, just follow the link to ‘Music’.
  2. The Swedish Mirakelmusik netlabel has four new releases out: Shrine – Harmony, Bliss, Rust; Alexander Vatagin – Valeot, The Winter Quarters – Vid and Maurizio Bianchi – Mokushi Xvi, Xvi, mostly in the field of ambient, drones, experimental industrial.
  3. The Bourbonese Qualk Archive makes all published material of this legendary group (1980 – 2002) freely available! Like for instance the great album Preparing for Power.
  4. More historical material: Tape Collaboration by Big City Orchestra and Research Garden. Made in the mid 90’s by sending tapes to each other with ambient noises. Download from
  5. Cock Rock Disco offers the 2006 Free Compilation. It features 15 of the label’s insane electronic artists, like Duran Duran Duran, Slepcy and Terminal 11.