I have the feeling that I’ve been away for two weeks, but in fact it was just a long weekend that we spent in Edinburgh. If you’ve never been to the Scottish capital, I can warmly recommend a visit, there are lots of things to do and see there. The first time we went there it was in the summer of 2002, during the renowned Edinburgh Festivals (theatre & more).

This time the occasion was the Finsternis party, where I was invited as a guest DJ to play some tunes. The party was not very crowded, but I liked the atmosphere in the Pleasance Cabaret Bar and there were some very nice people present. [playlist + photos].

The day after we also visited another Edinburgh party, Vain, which is more popular dance goth/electro orientated. Furthermore we climbed the impressive rocks of Arthur’s Seat, wandered a few miles through the city, checked out quite a few shops, visited the Gallery of Modern Art, ate loads of Chinese buffet & takeaway Curry, watched The League of Gentlemen, read Talking Cock & did various other activities which I can’t think of right now. My thanks go out to our friendly hosts Vio & Nathan. In fact, all people we met (including a surprisingly high number of ‘international’ inhabitants) were very nice characters!