Electro-punk attack

yesterday I went to the club closest to my house: the building formerly known as de vloer, and since a few months exploited as a branch of by tivoli, under the name tivoli – de helling.

though the club is open for some time, this weekend was the official opening. on thursday played the medieval metal crossover tanzwut, and on saturday the belgian electro-kitsch of vive la fete. i chose for the concert of t. raumschmiere on friday, together with an electronation party.

mr. raumschmiere from berlin conquered the lowlands festival earlier this year, and now did the same with de helling. his electro-punk was very loud and powerful. but he had the guts to do an ambient piece in the middle, and even some hiphop and ragga. during his set he was crawling over his table with equipment, and afterwards he stood upon it bowing, and receiving the deserved cheers of the crowd. though i like his more subtle work on his own label shitkatapult more, his newest album radio blackout (listen to it on the mute website) certainly is powerful.