Eyeless in London

Saw you in reminding pictures You thought Eyeless in Gaza was a vague echo from the past? Not anymore, because on July 29 they will make their first live appearance in eighteen years, at Bush Hall in London.
Martyn Bates and Pete Becker founded Eyeless in Gaza, named after an Aldous Huxley book, in 1980. After their first single ‘Kodak Ghosts Run Amok’ quite a few records and concerts followed, untill they decided to quit in 1987. Martyn Bates pursued an active solo career (including Twelve Thousand Days with Alan Trench from Orchis), while Peter Becker had his own (musical) activities. Throughout the years there were various reunion albums of Eyeless in Gaza, including work on the now defunct World Serpent label.
2005 will be an especially prolific year for the project though. With a new album due later this year, July 6 sees the release by Cherry Red Records of both the new retrospective CD ‘No Noise’ and the DVD ‘Saw You In Reminding Pictures’. Furthermore Bates is busy with solo work, including a collaboration with Troum.
Their music ranges from avant-folk to electronic soundscapes to experimental improvisations. Background info about Eyeless in Gaza can be found at the informative website, with detailed discography and biography, many interviews and various sound samples. Recommended is the Sonic History, a commented sound guide to their history.