Fields of rape

Taciturne Death in June has already been covered several times. Sometimes serious, like the tribute album ‘Heilige Tod’ on Palace of Worms, with Kirlian Camera, In my Rosary and more. Some other acts I know of that covered Death in June are The Mirror Reveals, Algiz, Cadaverous Condition, Ikon and The Dawn Visitors.
But there are also slightly less serious adaptations. A few years ago the mysterious French project Taciturne made electronic C64 versions of various Death in June songs on the ‘Tod im Juli EP‘ (page is still online, but mp3’s seem to be down). Recently Sturmpercht from Austria turned the DIJ classic ‘Little Black Angel” into ‘Ein gebratenes Haenchen’ on their LP ‘St?rm ins Leben wild hinein!’. The latest contribution comes from une artiste called JLA aka Jean-Luc Aszcek. He made a couple of curious adaptations in French… A certain Tony wrote in the guestbook: “I’ve written some of these but i wish i could have sung’em like you did, congratulations, pal!”