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LastFM I have been experimenting a bit with Last.FM, ‘your personal music network’. On this nifty website you can listen to all kinds of music in streaming audio. You can build up a personal profile, which remembers which songs you love. Based on these preferences, Last.FM can suggest other artists you might like.
But that’s not everything. You can also use your Last.FM profile in connection with the Audioscrobbler Winamp plug-in, that registers which mp3’s you play on your computer. And perhaps the best thing: you can create your own ‘radio station’.This is done by adding music you like from the Last.FM database. You can choose from ‘profile radio’ (your selections + suggestions from Last.FM) and ‘personal radio’ (only your own selections). It’s a pity that not many obscure or very recent releases are available in the database. But there’s still plenty of interesting music left for your listening pleasure.
I’ve added about 150 albums to my profile, from Current 93 to Kraftwerk, from Tuxedomoon to Coil, from Dead Can Dance to Swans and many more. You can hear tracks from them in random order if you tune in to my personal radio. To be able to listen you need to have Winamp (or: iTunes, XMMS, Windows Media Player) and of course a fast connection. You also have to sign up to Last.FM, for which you only have to fill in a username, e-mail address and password.
personal radio @ Last.FM Happy listening!