Gridlock calls it a day

Gridlock - Formless The existence of Gridlock has come to an end, after 10 years of releases and live performances. The project was founded in 1994 by San Francisco soundsmith Mike Wells, who was joined a year later by Mike Cadoo. In the course of time the sound of Gridlock moved from dark electro / industrial to a complex mixture with ambient, drum-n-bass and IDM elements.
Very nice to read is the historical retrospective by founder Mike Wells, a detailed outline from the first demo beginnings to the ‘Formless era’ (2002), including a summary of all the gear used.
At Gridlock’s forum Wells explains: “At this point there is too much separation, and different projects going in different directions (music and otherwise), and while noone ever wants to say ‘never’ right now I can’t forsee a time when I will be working with Cadoo again, so it’s time to call it a day”.
There is a consolation for the fans: “Moving forward, I will continue the Gridlock ideology through 02. Current projects underway are remixes for Tekniq, Pneumatic Detach, Ginormous, and Riotfish, as well as a new 02 release later this year, label tbd. Cadoo can be reached for information regarding Dryft or Bitcrush.”