In Europa

It’s time for the monthly (?) political controversy again. Lichttaufe reports that four scheduled Sol Invictus concerts (Wien, Z?rich, Darmstadt and Berlin) have been cancelled after threats/protests from (anonymous) antifa organisations. Right now the group around Tony Wakeford is busy with an European tour to promote the new album “The Devil’s Steed“. Yesterday they played a concert in a theatre in Belgium.
Tony with pussy In a distant past Wakeford may have tasted from controversial political fruits, but he has certainly not shown an interest in extreme propaganda in recent years. The new accusations even lead Tony Wakeford to publish a statement on the Tursa website: “I and Sol Invictus have no interest in or connection to any totalitarian ideology”. Furthermore his wife states: “If Tony were a Nazi, I wouldn’t be in his band, not to mention have been married to him for almost six years. He wouldn’t be a very good Nazi to have married a Jewish girl in the first place.”
As Wakeford stated in an interview two years ago, “With the far right doing well all over Europe, you would think these people (antifa, ed.) would have more important things to do.”