Industrial girl

km_madonna.jpg Dutch webzine Kindamuzik has a review of the latest Whitehouse effort Asceticists, which they find quite convincing. Below the article they suggest: “Do you like Whitehouse? Then also read about Haus Arafna and Madonna.”

I’ve an open musical mind, but I don’t really see the connection here. Perhaps they meant japnoise act Masonna?
If you still want to link Madonna to noise, I could think of Sonic Youth’s curious project Ciccone Youth and the album Whitey, with the classic ‘Into the Groovey’.
It’s certainly more interesting than Girls Under Glass’ recent cover of Frozen (mp3) or the “Virgin Voices” tribute albums (I / II) on Cleopatra, with EBM & goth covers by the likes of Frontline Assembly and KMFDM.
You could also go for the quite entertaining Madonna remix project.