Ciao Italia vol. 1

As a birthday present for the Italian wife of someone I know, I compiled a cd of Italian underground music.

This was the tracklist:

cd cover

  1. Gerstein – Crush
  2. Ianva – La Ballata dell ’Ardito
  3. Camerata Mediolanense – Guerriero
  4. Argine – Rifrazioni
  5. Spiritual Front – Song for the Old Man
  6. Kirlian Camera – Fields of Sunset
  7. The Frozen Autumn – Dusk is like a Dagger
  8. Francesco Banchini – Quando la Notte
  9. Lupercalia – Axe
  10. Ataraxia – Hydra Hyalt
  11. Ordo Equitum Solis – Solem Expectans
  12. Thelema – Here we stand
  13. Ain Soph – Blut und Geist
  14. Limbo / T.A.C. – Vines of the Serpent
  15. Runes Order – To the Shadows
  16. Monumentum – Fade to Grey
  17. Novy Svet + Foresta di Ferro – Sogni di Piombo
  18. Calla della Morte – Nevi Eterne
  19. Air + Barrico – Finale

The cd should not be too ‘extreme’ musicwise, so I did not include the industrial noise that Italy is notorious for. Also gothic rock and EBM were not on the menu, since I mainly chose folk, medieval and wave songs. I admit I’ve cheated a bit: Ordo Equitum Solis is just half-Italian, and Novy Svet and Air are only included because they collaborate with Italians here.

Of course there are many important bands omitted. For example Pankow (I only have music of them on vinyl) and Nightmare Lodge (didn’t fit anymore at the end). Perhaps I can make up for that on a second volume…