Due to lack of time, the updates on Funprox may be a little less frequent than usual.
Perhaps you can enjoy yourself in the meantime with the following links:

# A freely downloadable analogue synthesizer LP from 1980:
Wolfgang Dueren – ‘Eyeless Dream’.
“While he was distributing or later in charge of building synths, he was also a musician. In the late seventies he recorded the LP “Eyeless Dream”. This record featured many sounds of the early PPG wavetable synths that just have had become available to some musicians searching for a new kind of sound beyond the conventional synth sounds using filters and modulations as main building blocks to shape their sound. These very new sounds in electronic music made this LP an insiders favourite over the years.”
(thanks to Araglin)

# You prefer more recent electronic sounds? Then download Italian Body Music, “a manifesto of the EBM-Electro made in Italy”, with acts as Syrian, XP8, Blank, Dope Stars Inc.

# Tape nostalgia with Project C-90: scans of all brands and types of blank audio cassettes…

# Photoshop fun: Nike and other evil corporations ruining famous album covers

# Read the only 1082 reviews @ Amazon of Looking For – Best of David Hasselhoff.
“This album is a glorious achievement of beautiful, euphoric sounds and poetic, unearthly lyrics that are so harmonious and indescribably wonderful that it will make you a suicidal maniac since you will no longer be satisfied with yourself after gaining the knowledge of your complete inferiority to the demigod that is David Hasselhoff.”
Unfortunately this classic album is out of print.