Listening suggestion: Aroma di Amore

Aroma di Amore An interesting Belgian band from the 80?s is Aroma di Amore. Just like contemporaries Arbeid Adelt (with later MTV presenter Marcel Vanthilt), their trademark is politically inspired, original Dutch lyrics, combined with minimal, avantgardistic new wave. Their music is a mixture of raw guitars, cold electronics and unconventional song structures. The nucleus of the band consists of singer Elvis Peeters and guitarist Fred Angst. Aroma di Amore was formed in 1981 and split in 1987. In the early 90?s Antler released a compilation album, after which a successful reunion tour followed. Then it became silent again around the band. Until now, because this weekend Aroma di Amore are headlining the Belgian Independent Music Festival in Antwerp. In March/April a small Belgian club tour will follow.
On their informative website you can hear almost all songs from their career in mp3-format! Listen for instance to their debut single Gorilla, Dans de Samba or the chilling Sporen van Lisa.