Maxi catch

later today, in another recordshop…
i found 2 cd’s which were on my wantlist for some months. one of the most interesting and underrated dutch acts from the early 80’s must have been the minny pops. they were experimental electro /postpunk pioneers (their style was also called ‘ultra’), who released various singles and albums on the labels factory and plurex. they were the first dutch act to record a john peel session! earlier this year the english ltm label released 2 cd’s, finally some minny pops material on compact disc!

i found both of them second-hand today, and they are exemplary reissues. one is called “sparks in a dark room plus. “spark in a dark room” was originally released in 1982 by factory benelux. the cd also contains all tracks from the ‘time’ and ‘een kus’ singles, the spin-off smalts ep from 1982, exclusive compilation album tracks and previously unheard demos. 23 tracks, 74 minutes and an informative booklet. “secret stories” is also a worthwhile reissue filled to the brim. material from early singles, rare demo’s and compilation tracks, as well as selections from two later (lesser-rated) albums.

a cd reissue of their debut album ‘drastic measures, drastic movements’ (1979) is announced for a release later this month. the music of the minny pops is still relevant today. by the way, you can download a 2003 mix of ‘dolphins spurt’, which is included on the recent electronation compilation.