Callanan - Mirakelmusik Nowadays you don’t have to buy cd’s anymore. No, I’m not hinting at the popular p2p networks. What I mean is the rapid growth of net labels that are popping up everywhere. They offer releases consisting of mp3’s and artwork, which you can burn on a cd-r if they are enough to your liking. An interesting label which I just discovered bears the promising title Mirakelmusik. This netlabel will release ‘more or less experimental music, like ambient, electronica, industrial, noise’.
So far they offer nine titles on their pleasant minimal website. You can find for instance noisy soundscapes by Martin Callanan, subtle droning ambient by Mendigo, dark bombastic atmospheres by Atomtrakt (reviewed on funprox before) or dreamy ambient by Mortesium. Feel free to check them out, it will only cost you a bit of your time.