New looks

German webzine, ‘for extreme and extravagant listening pleasure’, has undergone a major redesign. The site certains looks more visually appealing and professional now and is easier to navigate. I’m not such a fan of white text on a black background though. The site contains numerous record reviews, interviews, concert reports and more, in the field of dark folk, industrial, dark ambient and metal.

Canadian electronic project Displacer, known for his fine albums on M-Tronic, has refreshed his Flash-based website too. In the coming weeks free downloads will be added.

The website of German folk act Werkraum has also been relaunched. Expect an improved performance, high quality audio specials (still to be completed), updated news section, new pictures, links etc.

Furthermore Nordvargr and all his related projects can no longer be released at 205recordings, but at his own domain In his own words: “This year I?ll hopefully will get the site a bit more interactive and informative, but for now it is still as cryptic as it has been for the last year. Also, since I have bought a lot of serverspace I will get some free-downloadable-high-quality-internet-only music online.”
Well, he has kept promise: you can now download the compilation Nordvargr 2, with 10 tracks by Henrik N Bj?rkk, All Hail The Transcending Ghost and Goatvargr.