Nothing beats Sheffield

The industrial city of Sheffield proved to be a fertile environment for electronic and postpunk music. Last year the film “Made in Sheffield” was released, documenting the evolution of the Human League, Cabaret Voltaire, Heaven 17 & ABC, who emerged all from Sheffield’s music scene in the late 70’s. Other artists from the same hometown include The Comsat Angels, Clock DVA, Hula, In the Nursery and Pulp.

Beats Working For A Living As a companion to the film now the book “Beats Working For A Living” has been issued, with as subtitle The Story Of Popular Music In Sheffield 1973 to 1984. It has been written by local music journalist Martin Lilleker and is full of info, anecdotes and photos from the bands. Included with the book is a free cd featuring tracks by: Artery, Chakk, They Must Be Russians, The Comsat Angels, 2.3, Vena Cava, Vice Versa, Pulp, Mau Maus, Disease, Hula, The Negatives, I’m So Hollow, The Extras, In The Nursery, Graph, Stunt Kites, Dig Vis Drill, The Box, Artery, I’m So Hollow and The Past 7 Days.