Nuit de Nits

Last Saturday I saw an excellent concert of the Nits, since 30 years one of the most interesting Dutch acts with an original sound and a cosmopolitan attitude. They played a mix of songs from their latest recommended album “Les Nuits” and classics like ‘Sketches of Spain’, ‘Adieu Sweet Bahnhof’, ‘Nescio’ and ‘In the Dutch Mountains’.
By the way, a wealth of rare and live Nits material can be found @ Nits Files.


  1. Last friday i withnessed The Nits they’re 30 year-concert and yes it was amazing ( again). Enjoyed the older works very much (again) but also was stuned by the new works from the Les Nuits album.
    Some kinda reunion to see Robert Jan Stips at the paino/keyboard again, this man is a pure talent, and offcourse Henk Hofstede made it a true home coming event for the Nits lovers. Several concerts of them were a good memorie in my mind and this concert was again a treasure to remind.

  2. Thanks for your reaction! Nice to see the Nits pictures on your site.