Online changes

Spanish webzine Sek?encias de Culto has been updated for the last time in September 2005. SDCzine was founded in 1992 as a paper zine. In 2000 a website was introduced, which soon became their core business. Now the makers decided to devote their energy to other matters. You still have time to browse the archives of the site until July 2005. The end of this site may sound sad, but there is one big consolation: the farewell compilation “A Final Testimony”, with some of the best acts in industrial, dark ambient, neofolk and martial music.

On a happier note, long-running American infosource has been drastically renovated. You still get overwhelmed by the amount of information about ‘electronic experimental extreme industrial music & culture’ which is added on a daily basis, but everything is now more accessible.

Eis & Licht, renowned German label for dark and apocalyptic music, has also been working on their site. Apart from some cosmetic changes and a few new or altered pages, there is now also an English version of the site, which still looks elegant.