Online neoform sampler

neoform 1 The fairly new German webzine forum is proud to present its first online compilation ?Neo-Form I?, filled with folk, industrial and avant-garde sounds. You can download 17 mp3’s in a zip-file, as well as all the necessary artwork.
A good thing is that the compilation only contains exclusive material (live-tracks, cover-tunes, remixes, demo-versions or exclusive songs). The following artists are involved:
Cawatana – Volksweerbaarheid – Culture Of Darkened Fires – Langemarck – Rose Rovine E Amanti – Shava Sadhana – Von Thronstahl – nA – Laufeyiar Sonr – Werra – Solblot -Gruenland – Stein – Belborn – HERR – Sagittarius – UR.