Reaction to praise

The interesting and long-running Dutch site has added ‘some kind of blog’. Webmaster Roy wrote very positive words in the Logbook about Funprox (entry of 24/6). This is of course pleasant to read, but the timing is perhaps not perfect.

The thing is, he describes how Funprox developed from a personal webpage into a larger, more ‘professional’ webzine. In the last years, I experienced the downside: things have grown a bit out of hand. The volume of cd’s coming in every week became way too large to handle, as well as the countless e-mails of people asking when their productions will be reviewed.

The solution could be to invest more time. But I’m more and more occupied with work and other matters lately. Luckily there are various guest writers who contribute readworthy now and then, so that my improductive periods are less obvious.

Moreover I’m becoming less interested in quantity. I started this website for fun, to write about the music I love. If I wanted, I could post a dozen reviews and three dozen news items every day. But then things would not be very much ‘personal’ and inspired anymore. Therefore I want to publish new articles mainly when I feel like it and I think the music is worth it. Time will tell how often that will be…