Reading materials

Soon two new books will appear to enhance our knowledge about underground music.

Lucid Zoom, a webzine from Berlin, is planning a book about industrial music: ‘Anthology for industrial People’. It should be published medio 2005 by publisher Ventil from Mainz. Contributions for the book are welcome. It will portray both the 80’s movement (SPK, Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire, Psychic TV etc.) and more recent industrial avantgarde (e.g. Coil, Cyclobe, Column One) and will also contain essays about the backgrounds of industrial music.

At the same time, the German label Prophecy/Auerbach is working on a book about neo-folk. What’s behind the cult of controversial symbolism, uniforms, and melancholic music? A comprehensive reference work (in German) is currently in the making, featuring detailed portraits of around 50 artists-from Scott Walker to Death In June, from Kirlian Camera to Hagalaz Runedance-and interviews with important international scene figures and critics. The release will be accompanied by a compilation cd.