Sanctum anniversary

10 years of Sanctum Sanctum from Sweden celebrates its 10th anniversary. `On the 10th of September 1994 Sanctum did their first live show on Eldslandet in J?nk?ping.’ Since then they released three albums: “Lupus in Fabula” (1996), “New York City Bluster” (2000) and “Let’s Eat” (2004), all released by Cold Meat Industry. The members of Sanctum have also been active in other interesting projects: Mago, Azure Skies and the Crescens Collective.

Sanctum wants to celebrate its anniversary together with us. `So from the 10th of September and as long as we feel for it we will publish some interesting Sanctum related things here on the Crescens Collective website for download. It’s going to be both sonic and visual pleasure.` Sanctum is now giving away the album “Clarify 2.0”, in mp3-format with complete artwork. This is a slightly modified version of the limited cdr “Clarify” that was sold out during Sanctums stay in the US 2001.