Slayer revisited

Erik Hinds is a musician from Atlanta with a improvisation/jazz background. He now has re-recorded Slayer’s complete 1986 Reign in Blood album!

For this project Hinds only used one acoustic self-built instrument: the h?arpeggione, which mixes elements of guitar, lute, and sitar. The result is quite listenable, though it’s hard to recognise brutal trash classics like ‘Angel of Death‘. Available from CD Baby.

HInds: “It’s no exaggeration to say Slayer helped sustain me through middle and high school. I nearly wore out the grooves of my Hell Awaits LP, stared at Live Undead until the corpses moved, and freaked the fuck out upon hearing Reign In Blood, one of the strongest artistic statements ever. It became a perpetual soundtrack to late night underage beer runs and failed attempts at suburban witchcraft.”