Some Bizarre business

Some Bizarre has a reputation of having released some of the most influential electronic/industrial artists of the early 80’s. On the other hand label owner Stevo Pearce must be one of the most controversial people in the music business. Countless artists, like the Neubauten, Foetus, Coil, The The and Psychic TV complain that they never received any royalties. Moreover, Some Bizarre continued to re-release old material without their permission.Genesis P. Orridge: “We were never paid a penny royalties by Some Bizarre for ‘Dreams less Sweet” to this day! We never have the budget to sue so its an endless loop. The only strategy I know left is to ask our fans to boycott Some Bizarre recordings of Psychic TV”.
The late John Balance (Coil): “I repeat again that these two titles (‘Horse Rotorvator’ and ‘Scatology’) issued by Some Bizarre are cursed by me, John Balance. Do not buy them! They are subject to complex Bindrunes which tie Stevo up into his own hell with each subsequent purchase. this will only end when he signs over the rights to both titles to COIL without attachments.”
Blixa Bargeld: “When we first attempted this one (‘Grundst?ck’), we suddenly received a fax from our ex-record company who was threatening us – to sue us again. I?m talking about Some Bizarre that we have signed to in 1982 or 83. They have ripped us off, they have ripped everybody off. They never paid us in 21 years we just decided that okay, we are working on this floor piece, why not turn that into a hex??
Recently the label appears to be have been re-vitalised. Announced are cd reissues by Dave Ball, Soft Cell and Swans and three DVD releases by Soft Cell, Test Dept. and Einst?rzende Neubauten. I suspect not all of the artists involved will congratulate Stevo with this resurrection…