Sonic acts

watched a music documentary which i taped last week from dutch tv. ‘sonic acts‘, directed by frank scheffer, shows the development of electronic music, from avantgarde composers as stockhausen to contemporary musicians as dj spooky. some other artists which are covered are pierre henry, holger czukay, michel waisvisz, frank zappa, brian eno, kraftwerk and merzbow.
quite interesting and educational to watch, although i have to admit that i couldn’t follow all the theoretical / technical talking about sound theories. i’m glad that mr. squarepusher admitted frankly that his intellect couldn’t always follow the music he was making, and that at the end of the day you have to forget what he has said and only listen to his music…
a central theme in the documentary is that the borders between ‘serious music’ and ‘pop music’ are getting vaguer. also read this interview with frank scheffer (in dutch).