Sounds like Iceland

Sigur Ros For years I more or less ignored Sigur Rós. Not really consciously, though I mistrusted all the good critics they received, but I was simply too busy with other bands. But now I’ve decided to try to catch up with this Icelandic group. Last week I heard very nice music in a record store, which turned out to be of Sigur Rós. Furthermore JS reviewed their latest EP ?Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do? last week. described their music once as “strange, ethereal music which would be equally at home in a new-age spa and in your craggiest, iciest nightmares; it’s like the bastard offspring of Enya and Radiohead.”
A good place to start is Eighteen seconds before sunrise, the official Sigur Rós website. In the media section you can download no less than 25 mp3’s (over 150 MB in total), with various album tracks, rare material and unreleased live recordings. Moreover the website gives detailed instructions for downloading and sharing Sigur Rós concerts and other media files on p2p networks, like DC++ and Soulseek, as well as ftp-servers.