Sunday at the factory

herr_plaatwerkerij.jpg A good way to spend my Sunday afternoon: a concert of H.E.R.R. at the Zware Plaatwerkerij in Vlissingen, an old factory turrned into a cultural meeting point. The venue was absolutely splendid and also harboured a nice photo exhibition of old factories.

herr_plaatwerkerij.jpgH.E.R.R. was in good shape and played much more consistent than the last time I saw them (in Den Bosch last year), with both tracks from “The winter of Constantinople” and some promising new songs. Halfway the performance threatened to become a little monotonous, but luckily some of the better songs were saved for the end. The audience was a funny mixture of neofolk fans and local people drawn by the free entrance and the surroundings, so perhaps H.E.R.R. made some new fans…

You can find some photos of the concert in the gallery.