Tibet has left the building

The end of the year brings original news from Current 93. First of all the band asks fans to invest in the new album: “With the suicide/autophagy of World Serpent, we have run out of funds to finish off the album. Consequently, we have decided to offer a subscribers’ edition for those purchasing the album in advance. On the release of the album, everyone who has subscribed will receive a copy of the CD edition of the album, as well as another CD of alternate material and mixes from the recording sessions, and a little something extra too. Each subscriber will be thanked by name on the album sleeve. “
Secondly, main member David Tibet has enough of his alter ego. “It is not now clear to me what and who “David Tibet” was meant to be and what he was meant to mean. It was a mask, a continuing and continual palimpsest.” From now on he will be known as David Michael. “This is a beginning which I hope will finally lead to my clear ending in clear white light.”
Hopefully his change of identity will bring David more luck than Prince/Symbol/TAFKAP.