Tribute to Koji Tano

Sad news spread by Steinklang:
Koji Tano / MSBR died on 31.07.2005.

“He is one of the most respected Japanese artists in contemporary electronic music. Additionally to countless great releases, he ran a record-store for experimental arts in Tokyo. He was also publisher of the famous DENZATSU magazine. Besides his hard work for his ideas, he was a respectable and very fine person – and a friend. After only 2 months he lost his struggle against cancer and died on 31.07.2005 at the age of 44. – we will never forget him -“
To give a last honour to Koji Tano, Steinklang will publish a TRIBUTE TO KOJI TANO compilation for free download on the Steinklang website. The planned release-date is one month after Koji’s death, on 31.08.2005. Daily updated information about the participating artists and info how to contribute a musical salute yourself can be found on the special page.