Underground podcasts

Podcasting is the latest vogue in the internet community. Not that it’s revolutionary, podcasts are just another way of creating your own online radio show.What’s new is that the broadcasts are not in streaming audio, but in mp3-format, so you can download them and listen back on your computer or mobile music device (not just iPods).

The most convenient feature is that you can subscribe to podcasts though an RSS-feed, so you can automatically download the latest broadcasts. A free program you could use for that purpose is iPodder. There’s also a built-in function in Apple’s iTunes.

modern invention - the walkman Enough tech talk. There are podcasts with spoken columns or reports, but there also various initiatives with interesting underground music, and more will follow. Some suggestions:
Brainwashed (avantgarde / dark folk))
Vital Weekly (experimental/ambient)
Projekt Podcast (ethereal/darkwave)
ReGen Radio Podcast (EBM/electronic)
Theskygoneout (goth/wave)

Other recommendations? Post them in the comments!


  1. me and dj r0mp do a podcast over on re:automation. Updated every Tuesday. We play a selection of Noise, IDM, Rhythmic, Gabber, Digital Hardcore and other forms of experimental music. http://www.reautomation.com/listen.html