Vintage record: Drinking Electricity

Drinking Electricity single Drinking Electricity is one of the more obscure minimal synth acts from the early 80’s. They made only one album and a handful of singles. In general their work is quite hard to find and never released on cd as far as I know of. ‘Cruising missiles’ from 1980 was their third single, with a dub version of their previous single ‘Shaking all over’ on the B-side. The cover shows a grey (post-nuclear?) industrial landscape.
No information about the musicians is included, except that Bob Last was the producer. His label was called Pop Aural, which released a dozen of singles. Apparently Last also has run the much better known Fast Records.
I bought this single once solely based on the year of release and the cover. The music is quite good though. Somewhere between cold minimal synth and postpunk. The A-side is bare and instrumental, while the B-side contains female vocals and lots of spacy bleeps.
Apparently the core members of the group were Marie Heighway (vocals) and David Rome (guitar), with Paul Edgley on bass. Later they started their own label Survival Records, which is still active. The first band on the label was Tik and Tok, in later years followed The Quireboys and now they are largely into Celtic music with Capercaillie.
In 1982 Drinking Electricity released their last material. Recently their old track ‘Breakout’ was included on trendy compilations: Death Disco (in a Tiga mix) compiled by DJ Ivan Smagghe (Black Strobe) on Eskimo Recordings and another sampler called No Disco (listen mp3 fragment).