Vive: Attaque surprise

Danny en Els Els

It was quite a party, when the Belgian electro-pop catwalk kitsch act Vive la FĂȘte played in the sold-out Tivoli this weekend (27-11). The audience in Utrecht went wild and even digged the cover of the Muppets Tune. It was a highly entertaining performance by the sometimes maniacal Danny Mommens (formerly of dEUS), the glamorous Els Pynoo and the other three cool members. Lots of danceable electro hits: ‘Nuit blanche’, ‘Tokyo’, ‘Maquillage’. A cover of ‘Fade to Grey?, `the best song ever written`. And some over-the-top electropunk sounds at the end. Lots of fun, not too many pretentions, a couple of irrestible songs, seductive hedonistic behaviour, (stripping) fans climbing on stage, Vive la FĂȘte had no problems to entertain the crowd.