Wolfsheim flood

wolfsheim will be playing at 16/8 in tivoli, utrecht, as a headliner of the summer darkness festival. the melancholic synthetic pop group around peter heppner is active since 1987. in their first decade of existence they were mainly known in the gothic scene, although their best known song ‘the sparrows and the nightingales’ probably aroused interest outside the small subculture. in the last years wolfsheim achieved increasing chart success in germany, which culminated in their latest (7th) album ‘casting shadows’ entering the album charts at no. 1, with sales of 200.000 copies. now success in the netherlands seems to be near. this week their single ‘kein zuruck’ was played by popular radio stations radio 538, radio 3 and even ‘family channel’ radio 2. and the ultimate proof: now even ringtones are available of ‘kein zuruck’ and ‘die flut’, the hitsingle which heppner recorded with joachim witt a few years ago and which contributed to the name of wolfsheim becoming more familiar to the general public.