2004: a busy year for Current 93…

A new live release by Current 93:

  • Current 93 live at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, South Bank, London, 9 October 2003.

    A recording of Current 93’s show at London’s prestigious South Bank Centre, where they joint headlined with Cosey Fanni Tutti and Chris Carter (performing as Carter-Tutti).

    The CD comes in a beautiful gatefold full colour digipak with full colour print on CD. The CD has 16 tracks and is 67 minutes long and features the entire concert that Current 93 played that night. It includes three previously unreleased tracks as well as ‘Locust’ from the ‘Imperium’ album, which has never before been performed live.

    Tracklisting: Halo; Alone; Mary Waits in Silence; Calling for Vanished Faces II; The Signs in the Stars; All This World Makes Great Blood; Good Morning, Great Moloch; Whilst the Night Rejoices Profound and Still; 5 Hypnagogue 5; A Silence Song; Sleep Has His House; 4 Hypnagogue 4; Fields of Rape; So: This Empire is Nothing; The Death of the Corn; Locust.

    It promises to be a very expensive year for Current 93 fans, so you’d better start saving some money…

    Forthcoming Current 93 and related projects for the first half of 2004

  • David Tibet and Michael Cashmore are currently completing the forthcoming C93 album, which also features Marc Almond, Antony, Cosey Fanni Tutti and many other friends. The album is planned for summer/autumn 2004 release.
  • David Tibet is also recording another Current 93 album with Simon Finn, the artist behind the 1970 classic ‘Pass the Distance’ and one of Tibet’s favourite artists.
  • David Tibet is also about to start recording with one of the contemporary artists he most admires, Ben Chasny, of Six Organs of Admittance.
  • Two other new albums are presently also in progress.
  • Work continues on Tibet’s lyric book, as well as his complete edition of Count Stenbock’s works. Shows will be held on publication of the lyric book.
  • Digipak CD release collecting the material from the Tamlin/Lucifer Over London/Looney Runes/Misery Farm CDs.
    Facsimile vinyl reissue of the Nature Unveiled LP, with the C93/NWW 7″ and replica of the original promotional poster for the album.
  • CD box set collecting the four albums by David Tibet and Steven Stapleton (The Sadness of Things/Musical Pumpkin Cottage/Musikalische K?rbis-H?tte/Octopus) plus previously unreleased material.
  • 2CD digipak release of the material from the 2 sister albums Swastikas for Noddy and Crooked Crosses for the Nodding God.
  • LP and CD versions of the recent London/San Francisco re-recordings of Hypnagogue, the mini-album prologue to the forthcoming album by Current 93.
  • Mirror: Under the Sun. Digipak release of the extraordinarily beautiful new album by Christoph Heemann and Andrew Chalk.
  • Bill Fay: Tomorrow, Tomorrow and Tomorrow’. At last almost! The previously unreleased third album from Bill Fay, whose previous two masterpieces ‘Bill Fay’ and ‘The Time of the Last Persecution’ led Tibet to praise Fay as ‘Britain’s greatest singer-songwriter’ and Michael Cashmore to call him ‘an undiscovered genius’.
  • Baby Dee: ‘A Book of Songs for Anne Marie’ book/CD. Hand-printed Durtro edition of Baby Dee’s texts for the songs which she performs on the accompanying CD. This will be an edition of about 200/250 copies.