3 new Prikosnovénie releases

  • PINKNRUBY: The vast Astonishment

    “Pinknruby captures the current spirit of Prikosnovenie. The band consists of Slovene singer Mihaela Repina and English guitarist Paul Bradbury. Their songs, sparkling and faeryesque, engender a dreamlike state in the listener.
    The sensual and melancholic voice of Mihaela will enchant Cocteau Twins and Flëur fans. Acoustic guitars, balkan instruments, percussion, piano, chimes, sounds from nature.”


    “Ambient, trip-hop, electronica, electro-tribal transe. Sarrazine, an exceptional voice with a rare register, both tenor and counter tenor. Sarrazine, Klaus Nomi’s soul brother. On this occasion, he is surrounded by his electro-romantic accomplices: KBB, José Barinaga, Lys, Wild Shores, Mimetic, Def, Sigmoon, Stocha, Negative Stencil and Phil Von.
    His voice takes us on a journey through the middle ages to the baroque period (Purcell), encompassing the traditional music of Arabic Andalusia, and gathering in its wake Celtic and Kurdish melodies, all treated here in trance mode. We come across the delights of the XIX century Duparc/Beaudelaire), of Jazz (Frank Sinatra), of repetitive music (Ginsberg/Glass), of the 80?s dark passions (Mark Almond) and of contemporary electro-pop.”


    ” Irfan are Denitza, Ivailo, Kalin, Kiril and Shtoni. The greatest source of inspiration of this Bulgarian band is the past, where they try to find and hear the echo of our ancestor’s voices, but also the challenge of our present days. Since the ancient times, through the centuries forward, Bulgaria has always beeing at the crossroad of the civilisations. This crosscultural
    ambience and it’s spiritual and folklore heritage inspired Irfan.” On this album they use many traditional instruments and vocal techniques from various cultures.