3 new releases on DTA Records

  • DTA009 Acclimate ? Miscreant
    Acclimate is an intensely visceral aural experience that does exactly as its name implies– it introduces the listener to new sounds and noises and bends the boundaries of conventional music and countless genres into a collage unlike any other– forcing the listener to re-evaluate his senses and perception of the norm and then adapt to the strange and alien atmosphere around him.

    DTA012 Aidan Baker ? Concretion
    CONCRETION [the act or process of concreting into a mass; coalescence] features 3 long tracks of xperimental/ambient guitar & voice. Track 1 starts with backward-looping, murmuring guitar, which ‘decays’ into something of a choral hymn, which in turn ‘decays’ into feedback/noise. Track 2 is a looping/deconstructive version of ‘The Huron Carol’, a traditional 16th C French Canadian hymn. Track 3 features a simple guitar pattern slowly building and morphing as the signal loops & decays through a tape echo effect.

  • DTA013 Nihil Est Excellence ? Vizmilieu
    NEX investigates the ideas of John Cage (ie 4’33? ), but this does not mean it plays with the everyday sounds that usually the listener tends to block out or ignore. NEX processes and plays with environmental sounds revealing the music that these sounds hide within themselves. Every sound you hear here is recorded from milieu where NEX is physically, then processed and mixed into occasionally dronning torrent of events.