4 new Ad Noiseams

Out on the 3rd of October on Ad Noiseam:

  • LARVAE – Fashion Victim – adn29 CD
    Following their “Monster music” ep, first full length by this band mixing heavy basses, big drums, breaks and an uncomparable skill for composition and production. A very diverse and mature album of illbient, drum’n’bass and addictive tracks.
    Contains a whole new album by Magwheels, moving forward in his mixing of post rock emotion and noise, as well as 40 minutes of reconstruction of Magwheels’s music by the cult outfit Stone Glass Steel. Fresh sensibility meet experienced production, a introspect album of drones, guitars, noise and beauty.
  • CORDELL KLIER – Winter – adn31 CD
    Second album on Ad Noiseam by this major name of click’n’cut. This time including more subdued atmospheres and drones, Cordell Klier offers here a new album of sharp clicks, precise editing and rewarding compositions.
  • TARMVRED – Viva 6581 – adn32 CD ep
    Long awaited new material by Tarmvred. 4 tracks written as a homage to C64 sounds, mixing catchy 8 bits melodies and hard breaks and beats. Happy tunes for noise heads? Hard breaks for electro fans? Viva robots!