A Certain Ratio reissue

  • A Certain Ratio – To Each

    “Soul Jazz Records are releasing one of the seminal Post-Punk albums of all time. Following on from last month?s The Graveyard and The Ballroom, ACR?s “To Each” was their first full studio album and was produced by the legendary Martin Hannett and originally released on Factory Records in 1981. ACR?s “To Each” was recorded in East Orange, New Jersey. Here ACR mixed Funk, Dub, Percussion and Electronics to create a truly unique sound and the album was instantly hailed a classic.

    A Certain Ratio were friends and label mates of Joy Division and the two groups (especially the singing of Simon Topping and the late Ian Curtis respectively) showed similarities in sound. ACR?s Funk however was all their own and led the way for the future sound of groups such as New Order in mixing dance and punk.”