A Challenge of Honour

New/upcoming releases from A Challenge of Honour:

“Only Stones Remain”
The re-release of the debut album by Divine Comedy scheduled on the 21st of march. Divine Comedy records will be attending at the “Independent music and art festival” in St.Niklaas/belgium on the 6th of April…more Info!

“Angelic Torment”
The first part of the triology concerning the madness of mankind dealing with the bombing of Dresden in 1945. 4 new tracks including “Dresden”. The release date is scheduled for the end of March. It will be 500 copies available including 38 Lim.edit.

“Wilhelm Gustloff”
The re-release of the lim.edit CD-R from Oktober 2001 by the British label Cold Spring records including the original “Wilhelm Gustloff” recordings and 7 additional tracks.
Release date not available yet.

“The Point of no Return…”
A limited edition CD on the new belgium label Klang Kontrol by ACOH feat. LAHARIS. Going from pounding Power-Electronix to Dark-Ambient. Limited to 300 copies in a special package. Release in late summer 2002.

“Wilhelm Gustloff”
The re-recording of the “Wilhelm Gustloff” story especially for Divine Comedy as second part for the triology. The six original songs re-recorded + additional new tracks concerning the topic of this tragic accident. Released as a 10″ in August 2002.

The Final part of the Triology with as main topic the bombing of the city of hiroshima. Released by Divine Comedy as a 10″ scheduled for end Oktober.


“Audacia Imperat” (oktagon)
Double CD including the track “Einzig und Allein”.

“Der Waltgänger” (thaglasz)
A 3-LP box with a song recorded under the name La Reine Noir called “storm of steel”.

“Security of Ignorance” (thaglasz)
A 10 LP box in a wooden box, including six new tracks by A Challenge of Honour.

“Cioran” (iron guard)
Double CD with book including the track “The Archangel”.

“Tribute to JM Dauvergne” (divine comedy)
A CD tributed to this french painter including the track “Feux/Fire”.