A look at the French scene

Last year we saw the release of Berlin Super 80, a flashback of early 80’s subculture in that city. Now it’s time to bring the French wave / postpunk / avantgarde scene to life with the elaborate DVD RVB-transfert / Images de la scène indépendante française.

rvb_transfert.jpgThe DVD contains no less than 48 unique videoclips from the period 1979-1991 by both famous and totally obscure projects. Some names: Clair Obscur, Collection d’Arnell-Andrea, Etant Donnés, La Nomenklatur, Le Syndicat, Norma Loy, Opéra Multi Steel, Rosa Crvx and many more.

In total you are treated to over 3 hours of rare and unseen images. The DVD release is a collaboration of Infrastition, Optical Sound and Gods And Beasts.

A full tracklist and detailed review (in French) can be found at obskure.com. There is also an official dvd site, but that’s not very informative yet.