Ad Noiseam: Bong-Ra and more releases

Out now on Ad Noiseam:
Bong-Ra – I Am The God Of Hellfire [adn55]
The new double 12″ by the Dutch sonic devil Bong-Ra has a “mature, accessible sound relying on demonic basses and monstrous riffing, and enlisting such vocalists as Atari Teenage Riot’s Hanin Elias, Drop The Lime and Mike Redman.”
MP3: Skool ov Violence / Pop That Cristal

Coming soon on Ad Noiseam:
EXILLON – The Keening Dithers – adn56 – CD
ANTIGEN SHIFT – The Way Of The North – adn57 – CD

DĂ„LEK – Streets All Amped – adn58 – 12″

Still fresh from the same label:
AZ-ROTATOR “Science of Chance” – adn50 – CD
DETRITUS “Origin” – adn51 – CD
MOTHBOY “Exonian” – adn52 – 12″
LAPSED “Lapsed” – adn53 – CD
ENDUSER & SUBMERGED “Appropriate & Deface” – adn54 – 12″