Ad Noiseam October releases

MOTHBOY “The Fears” CD
“Take bass-heavy down-tempo, throw in noisy beats, a bit of jazz, a spoon of hip hop and a lot of grooves. Serve warm and thick. Take into account the participation of Scorn, Larvae, Horchata and Akira the Don. Mothboy’s debut album is a rich and heavy journey into huge bass, club-friendly rhythsm and energetic sound. An album guaranteed to make bodies move and heads nod.”

ENDUSER “Bollywood Breaks” 12″
“Enduser invites you to a breakcore party at the Taj Mahal. Mixing his infectious noisy and broken rhythms with bhangra vocals and influences, Enduser creates with “Bollywood Breaks” the most efficient and catchy records of noisy beats you will hear till your next life. Features remixes by Mad e.p., Larvae and Line47.”

MAD E.P. “When I’m 6″ 12”
“Debut solo release of this incredibly talented musician, mixing breaks, electronica, abstract hip hop and general madness in writing a beautiful and nostalgic music with a very deep and intelligent edge. Featuring remixes by Jason Forrest (Donna Summer), End, Mothboy and Chaonaut and vocals by Equivalant, “When I’m 6″ paves the way to recognition for this stunning project.”

CDATAKILL “The Cursed Species” CD
“Hard and powerful, mean and dark, Cdatakill is back and brings you an album in which he mixes the whole current come-back of rave energy and sounds and mixes it with his own mixture of hi-fi tones and complexity. Leaving behind most of the old breakcore theme designs, Cdatakill?s new avatar brings a very fresh view on beat-driven electronic music with an edge.”