Adrian Borland: lost tapes + tribute concert

Good news for fans of Adrian Borland, the late singer of The Sound: a cd will be released soon with 12 unreleased tracks, recorded in Amsterdam in 1992. On June 6th the cd will be presented in Amsterdam, where people like Mark Burgess, Kevin Hewick and Carlo van Putten will perform Borland’s songs.

Adrian Borland – The Amsterdam Tapes
aborland_amsterdamtapes.jpgDuring the summer of 1992 Citizens member Victor Heeremans and Bart van Poppel recorded 14 songs with Adrian Borland on an 8-track recorder in Bart’s home-studio in Amsterdam. They worked with programmed drums and bass because the recordings were intended as demos in the first place. After Play It Again Sam rejected to release this album, the tapes ended up on the shelf where they remained for about ten years.

But when Bart recenty transfered the analogue material to a digital format he discovered that these songs were just hidden treasures which only sounded a little back-dated because of the programmed stuff. He decided to replace the machines by a real rhythm-section and to add some guitars and other instruments like vibes, celeste and cello. Everybody who’s involved including Robert Borland, Adrians father, is very enthusiastic about the project and right now the album has been finished.

Release of The Amsterdam Tapes is due for May 31 2006. Tracklist and samples @

CD presentation
2006_06_flyer_borland_tribute.jpgThe CD presentation will be held in Paradiso in Amsterdam on Sunday the 4th of June 2006. Perfomers on the Paradiso venue are: Mark Burgess (The Chameleons), Kevin Hewick (singer/songwriter), Carlo van Putten (The Convent, White Rose Transmission), Felix Maginn (Supersub, Moke) and Maurits Westerik (GEM) will perform a selection of songs from the new album and a number of SOUND songs. They will be backed by a band with Jac Bico, Robin Berlijn, Bart van Poppel and Leon Klaasse.

Tickets for this event can be ordered here.