Alfa Matrix grows old

In recent years Alfa Matrix launched countless new, young and trendy electro acts. But in recent times the average age of their artists has risen considerably, since they represent more and more old dinosaurs from the heydays of EBM.

Front 242 and Dive were already on their roster. Not so long ago Alfa Matrix released Leaether Strip’s comeback album After The Devastation in various versions and the preceding EP Suicide Bombers. Coming up are the Sinner EP and a full album Hit’n’Run by Claus Larsen’s other revived project Klutae. In April we can expect a compilation with remixes and live tracks by Plastic Noise Experience, entitled Dead Or Alive.

Furthermore the Belgian label welcomes Mentallo & the Fixer in their original line-up. Preceded by the “Commandments For The Molecular Age” epcd, the new “Enlightenment through a Chemical Catalyst” album is the first part of the band’s new conceptual trilogy. To be released (dates yet unknown) by Alfa Matrix under exclusive license from the Static Sky Records label.