Alfa Matrix signs PNE

Reduced today to the solo-project of frontman Claus Kruse, the legendary German dark elektro act Plastic Noise Experience aka PNE has joined the Belgian Alfa Matrix label. Through their numerous releases on various labels, PNE brought you club hits like “Gold”, “Smalltown Boy”, “Memoryflow”, “String Of Ice”, “Dream Destructor” or yet “City Of Lies”. Now PNE returns with his typical harsh vocals and a very distorted type of sounds with virulent vibrating melodies that will certainly please all fans of Dive, Suicide Commando, etc. The new dancefloor hit “Clean Head” that will be released on that other Alfa Matrix release “Square Matrix 001” has also been remixed by Pzycho Bitch and Implant is some kind of milestone in PNE’s new career. After this single, Claus has now started working on his long awaited new album.